How can BPO Respect help?

We individualise every customer, to create a personalised journey; this is achieved by assisting them with a consistent approach and level of care. We do this by using a "proactive care model", where we will access, plan implement and evaluate each customer, according to their level of vulnerability and circumstance.

We have an understanding that these circumstances could be a result of several influencing factors; These include life events, physical and mental health, resilience and capacity.

We understand that all of the above can become interwoven and that customers may require specialist advice which falls outside of the remit of a regular call-centre.

Therefore, it is BPO Respect's main objective to ensure that in conjunction with a high-quality service, continual support is also available for our vulnerable customers.

What makes BPO Respect different?

BPO Respect provides an individual customer journey, from the initial loading of the account, to its closure, taking into consideration the customers individual circumstances.

We aim to provide a "named person" on the initial call, who will be the single point of contact, to whom the customer can call for support and advice.

All of our agents are fully trained as "Health and Wellbeing advisors", delivered through our specialist in-house training programme, overseen by our Clinical Director; Each Health and Wellbeing advisor has completed online counselling diploma's to advanced level and also participation in the National Mental Health First Aid 'ASIST' certified training. These courses are refreshed on an annual basis, and ongoing support is provided to our advisors by our Clinical Director.

Our Clinical Director has over 30 years of experience as a registered nurse, within the acute sector of the NHS and is an expert in Health and Wellbeing, as well as having a BSc in Health Studies, a cognitive behavioural therapist and several counselling certificates